Andrew and Louise Scott have achieved amazing results with this 4 year old retired race horse. Look at the difference in less than 3 months. Our Elite Plus provides all the necessary minerals in one easy mix. You can buy Equimix Elite Plus online now


Louise Horse Sept 17


Louise Horse Dec 17


Anna Palmer
"I started using Nutrimix products when my mare was acting like a colt and worse - she was demonstrating anti-social, aggressive and nasty behaviours- which was unusual for her. I had her on a mycotoxin binder and other supplements, but had noticed little difference in her behaviour over the period I was feeding these.

After talking with Jen McNeill, I started her on Nutrimix’s Everyday supplement. Without a doubt, this product is responsible for immediate change in her behaviour and condition. After only two days, I noticed a brighter, happier horse and after a week, she was back to her old self.

I haven’t looked back since starting her on Nutrimix products; in fact I now feed my other horses with the Everyday and Joint and Hoof products, and have noticed a definite change in coat condition, body condition and behaviour which has lead to some fantastic results when out competing.

The products are economical, they work, and my (fussy) horses love them!"

- Anna Palmer (Multi-discipline Rider, Owner and Horse Lover)
Teagan Gray
"As a dressage rider with a horse at advanced level, I am very aware of the additional stress placed on my horses’ hooves and joints. Since putting both my horses on Nutrimix’s Joint and Hoof I have noticed a huge improvement in my horses’ suppleness and range of movement. I also know how important it is to have horse in optimal health with a balanced nutritional status to achieve top performances.

With Nutrimix’s Elite I am able to achieve just this. My horse is bright and alert with a cool calm attitude towards his work. The great shine on my horses lets me know he is happy and that I am doing the right thing by feeding Nutrimix products."

- Teagan Gray (Advanced Dressage Rider)

Little Valley Farm
Nutrimix empowers the relationship between horse and rider to gain the top marks to be competitive with the extra edge (THE BRAIN). I have been using nutrimix for approx 3 years, what a massive difference it makes!!!!

Nutrimix produces a wide range of products to suit different horses in any level and discipline- my Top competitive horses (Defies Logic) to my young horses (LV Balou Jeanz, LV Balou Skye), they have all benefitted and I definately rely on this product everytime, I would not be without Nutrimix.

Rideablity is paramount for me.

- Natalie & Paul Woods (Little Valley Farm)

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