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  • Equinemix Elite Plus


Equinemix Elite Plus

A combination of Elite + Joints and Hoof + Mycostop, a "three in one" to facilitate the supplementation of your horse, avoid over dose and save time and money. Ideal for the performance of top level competition horses. It has been specifically formulated to enchance the activity level, recovery, health and longevity of your top level athlete.

  • Fortified with amino acids for:
    • Muscle building and repair
    • Regulation of essential metabolic pathways
    • Effective in reducing lactic acid build up and improving recovery
  • Concentrated glucosamine and chondroitin
    • Prevents further cartilage damage
    • Helps to repair tissue damage
    • Fed together has amplified action
  • Enchanced gut health
    • Multiple mycotoxin binders and yeast for improved digestive efficiency and function
  • Biotin for healthy hooves
  • No fillers or non-essential additives
  • Non swabable
  • No withholding period
  • Designed for the high performance athlete
  • High levels of organic minerals, essential vitamins and trace elements for elite performance and recovery




Equinemix Elite Plus

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