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  • Equinemix Everyday

Everyday Equinemix

Helps to create a calm, happy horse in the best of health by providing a safe, balanced, all in one mineral supplements, designed by vets and nutrition specialists for NZ conditions.


  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Calming formulation
  • Balanced for NZ grasses
  • Excellent for skin and coat condition
  • Optimal levels for health and wellbeing
  • Alumino Silicate (Zeolite)
  • Selenium for healthy cells and rejuvenation
  • Organic Copper, Zinc and Selenium. 


Calcium Manganese Vitamin E Yeast Fraction Chloride Iodine Vitamin B1 Magnesium Zinc Vitamin B2 Sodium Selenium Vitamin B6 Phosphorus Iron Vitamin B12 Cobalt Vitamin A Alumino Silicate Copper Vitamin D Seaweed

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Equinemix Everyday

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