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  • Equinemix Joint & Hoof

Joint & Hoof Equinemix

Specifically formulated for the top athlete to meet the increased requirements from high impact, and enhance joint mobility and hoof structure. This perfect blend of the finest glucosamine, chondroitin, green lipped mussel, biotin, trace elements, vitamins and minerals will also provide a luxurious coat and enchance health


Joint & Hoof has been formulated in NZ by vets and nutritionists for peak performance and it has shown to be beneficial to aging and overworked joints. Joint & Hoof Equinemix is formulated using peer reviewed research optimal dose rates.


    • Beneficial to aging and overworked joints
    • Also provides a luxurious coat
    • High levels of Biotin for hoof structure
    • Optimal dose rates for maximum benefit
    • Glucosamine to aid the repair and formation of cartilage
    • Chondroitin to help protect cartilage and work synergistically with Glucosamine
    • Green Lipped Mussel to contribute as a natural anti-inflammatory without adverse side effects, widely sought after for natural relief of osteoarthritic conditions


Calcium Manganese Sulphur Chondroitin Iodine Copper Magnesium Organic Zinc Biotin Sodium Selenium Glucosamine Phosphorus Iron Silica Cobalt Boron Green Lipped Mussel




Equinemix Joint & Hoof

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