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  • Equimix Neutrolyte


Neutrolyte is and special designed electrolytes for New Zealand conditions, where the regulate horse diet is high in Potassium (K) Effective electrolyte supplementation includes both sweat losses and maintenance needs.

The fine balance between water and electrolyte concentration is essential for appropriate muscle contraction and also in the cooling the horse. An imbalance or a depletion of electrolytes can lead to premature muscle fatigue, reduced stamina, muscle cramps, poor post exercise recovery, tying up and thumps.

It is important for horses to get adequate electrolytes from the diet on a daily basis, not just after a workout. Rate of supplementation will vary with the degree of fitness of the horse, work levels required and environmental conditions.


  • LIGHT sweat loss: 60 g (1 Scoop)
  • HEAVY sweat loss: 90 g


  • Calcium 3.6%
  • Magnesium 3%
  • Sodium 22%
  • Potassium 11%
  • Chlorine 45%

Equimix Neutrolyte

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